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    Madeleine Flannagan

    Resident Barrister

About Us

Who we are. The philosophy behind Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers Ltd

Our TeamWe are Barristers, independent lawyers who specialise in advocacy and litigation in cases where the Court is involved or is likely to be involved. You can hire us directly, or we can be instructed on your behalf by a Solicitor.

Just because we are court specialists does not mean that we will take every case to court. If a case can be resolved by mediation or settlement then it should be, and we can help with that too.

While we each specialise in particular fields here at Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers, between us, we offer a range of Family, Civil and Criminal legal services. We feel it is important to do this because we understand that a lawyer being able to offer a range of services, who understands the shared background for each, can be helpful for a client whose issues might be connected.

For each of us, being Barristers is our vocation. As people who have lived life ourselves, we know that family situations can be messy and difficult, we know that wrong life choices are easy to make but can be hard to undo, we know that things can happen that are beyond your control. Sometimes things and situations like this result in you finding yourself dealing with the legal system or needing to deal with it. When that happens you need someone who gets it, who knows what they are doing, is good at it, and is not going to cost you the earth.

We are Coast-based, not city-based, so we can offer competitive fees across all areas we practice. The hourly rate of our senior Barristers is $350 per hour plus GST and disbursements, our junior Barristers are $200 per hour plus GST and disbursements. Being Coast-based does not make us inferior; our clients seek us out from all over Auckland, and beyond, for our skill-set and reputation. Modern technology means that we can act for anyone anywhere in New Zealand, we can also act for people who live overseas who have legal issues in New Zealand requiring advocacy and representation.

Because each of our Barristers is committed to the time-honoured principle of pro bono publico (Lawyers should serve their communities for the public good by providing legal services for free or at a reduced fee to those who are otherwise unable to afford them), we offer Family, Civil and Criminal Legal Aid services for eligible people.

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Our Services

We offer Family, Criminal and Harassment Law Services.
Parenting Orders

Shared care, day-to-day care (custody), contact, warrants

Guardianship Disputes

Relocation, schooling, overseas travel, medical, religion, name change


Open adoption, closed adoption, birth mother advice

Civil Law

Harassment, defamation, notices of claim

Protection Orders

Protection from psychological, economic, physical, sexual abuse

Relationship Property

Divorce, dividing property, contracting out, spousal maintenance

Child Protection

Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children, Custody, Access, Home for Life

Criminal Law

Defend charges, traffic law, limited licences


All Barristers at Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers are employed by Madeleine Flannagan Barrister
  • Madeleine Flannagan

    Madeleine Flannagan
    LLB – Barrister
    Madeleine has expertise in Family and Harassment Law. She also does some Criminal and Civil Law.

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  • Chris Frans

    Christopher Frans
    LLB – Staff Barrister
    Chris specialises in Criminal and Traffic Law. He also offers some Family Law services.

     More about Chris

  • Riiana Hohaia

    Riiana Hohaia
    LLB – Staff Barrister
    Rii practises Family Law. She has a background in Community Law advocacy and education.

     More about Riiana

  • Graeme McLean

    Graeme McLean
    BA LLB – Staff Barrister
    Graeme practises Family Law. He has experience in the criminal justice sector.

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Madeleine Flannagan Barrister

Christopher Peter Daniel Frans

Staff Barrister

Chris Frans

Chris completed a degree in Law at the University of South Africa before coming to New Zealand in 2006 and undertaking the necessary studies through the University of Auckland in order to be able to practice law here.

Before he became a Lawyer, Chris spent 19 years in the employment of the South African Police force. Chris joined the Police in his teens, shortly after leaving school. Right from the start, he had his sights set on being a Detective. He says, initially, he was strongly influenced in this by detective-themed TV programmes such as Derrick, where the star always managed to put all pieces of the puzzle together by the end of each episode to bring the perpetrators to justice. So, as soon as he finished his basic training as a Police Officer he eagerly knocked on the door of the Detective Commander. He was told to come back after 3 years; he had to prove himself first.

Chris did prove himself. He became a Detective 3 years later and worked in that role for the next 16 years. He earned a National Diploma in Police Administration. He went on to become the Area Head of Detectives, attached to the Organised Crime Unit, and the Serious and Violent Crime Unit investigating crimes like murder, rape and armed Robbery. At the point he left the Police to pursue Law, he had risen to the rank of Colonel and was the Commander of the Detective Service, managing a staff of just over 100.

While he was qualifying as a New Zealand lawyer, Chris worked as a Corrections Officer for Paremoremo Prison. He also worked as a security guard. He began practice as a Criminal Lawyer in 2013 working for Coast Legal. He began working for Madeleine Flannagan at Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers in 2016.

Chris’ primary area of expertise is Criminal and Traffic Law although he does do some Family Law. Chris is a Lead Provider of Criminal Legal Aid for the Ministry of Justice, and is also able to offer Family Law Legal Aid services as a Supervised Provider.

Outside of Law, Chris enjoys spending time with his family. He likes to work with his hands, especially on cars. He is also a very keen dancer; not professionally, just the shake your body type of dance.

If you need Criminal, Traffic or Family  law assistance, contact Chris today: 022 163 4930

Madeleine Jane Flannagan


Madeleine FlannaganMadeleine began her law degree at the University of Waikato where she was elected Vice-President of the student body. Then, whilst employed by Sanitarium Health Food as an in-house Legal Assistant, she resumed and transferred her studies to the University of Auckland, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Since 2011, Madeleine has worked in law firms on the Hibiscus Coast. She fell in love with the Coast; in 2013 she officially became a “Coastie” when she moved to Orewa with her family.

On being made a Barrister sole, with the right to practice law on her own account in 2016, she founded Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers Ltd in Orewa.

While she and her team have a large number of Hibiscus Coast / Rodney based clients, Madeleine is regularly sought out by those needing her particular legal skills from all over Auckland and beyond. She presently has clients based in various parts of New Zealand, and even some based overseas. With modern technology, location is not a barrier.

Madeleine’s main areas of practice are Family and Harassment Law. Some of her work in these areas has been reported in the media and is taught in law schools throughout New Zealand. Madeleine also offers some Civil, Criminal and Traffic Law services.

Her underlying interest in Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Rights and Freedoms Law and Public Law comes through in her analysis and approach to the areas of law she practices.

Family Law SectionMadeleine is a member of the New Zealand Bar Association, the Family Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society, and the Family Courts Association of New Zealand. She is a Lead Provider of Family Legal Aid for the Ministry of Justice, which enables her to offer a wide range of Family Legal Aid services, including Family Law Advice Service (“FLAS”). Madeleine is also able to offer Civil and Criminal Law Legal Aid, in particular circumstances, to those who qualify.

In March 2017 the Ministry of Justice released a Quality and Value Audit on Madeleine’s Family Law Legal Aid work. That report is available here: Ministry of Justice Quality and Value Audit Report 2017 – Madeleine Flannagan.

Riiana Hilda Hohaia

Staff Barrister

Riiana HohaiaRiiana holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland. She was admitted to the bar in 2014.

Initially she worked for the Ministry of Justice as a Registrar, first in Special Tribunals, later in the Criminal Jurisdiction. This gave her an excellent grounding in Court processes and administration. In 2016 she commenced practice as a lawyer for the Waitemata Community Law Centre, who also employed her as a legal educator. In this role Riiana was exposed to a range of legal issues at the client end. She developed a strong ability to advocate, and a deep belief that everyone should be able to access justice.

Rii is of Ngati Rehia, Ngati Kura, Ngati Hao, Nga Puhi and Scottish descent. She grew up in Taitokerau (Northland) and moved to Auckland to pursue tertiary study in 2008.

She is an active member of Te Rakau Ture Alumni (the University of Auckland Maori Law Student Society). In that role she provides mentoring and support to Maori law students. She is also a member of Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa (the New Zealand Māori Law Society) and the Auckland District Court Ministry of Justice Kapa Haka Roopu.

In her spare time Rii loves to spend time in nature with her dog Pablo, her whanau and friends.

Support Staff

The support team for Hibiscus Coast Legal Chambers
  • Rebekah Witt

    Rebekah Witt
    Office Manager
    Rebekah manages the office, accounts, Legal Aid, and keeps everything turning over.

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  • Piper Selwyn

    Piper Selwyn
    Legal Assistant
    Piper is in charge of our filing, which she does around her University of Auckland Law studies.

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  • Sheridan Flannagan

    Sheridan Flannagan
    Legal Assistant
    Sherry can be found at reception. She assists in the smooth running of the office and its files.

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Madeleine Flannagan Barrister

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Client Testimony

What our clients have said about our services.
  • “I was having major anxiety and suffering panic attacks about facing court and this whole family court process. You have eased them. Thank you for being so lovely and understanding. You do an amazing job Madeleine. I appreciate all of your hard work.”

    TA – May 2017
  • “Ange is truly one of a kind and so very understanding.”

    VH – February 2017
  • “Madeline, thank you for all your hard work, and your faithfulness. Your clear headed direction helped to get me through the hardest period of my life. You’ve been great, and you’ve given me a real sense of respect for the dedication lawyers have to exert on behalf of their clients late into the night sometimes, rushing to court, and having to put up with endless minutia that seems so important at the time to frustrated and frightened, or angry clients. Thank you for your patience with me, I was like a fish out of water in this whole process.”

    PS – March 2017
  • “We are thrilled with the wonderful outcome. I know we have said thanks for your great work on the case; but once again – thanks so much Madeleine, you were the right person for the job!”

    CH – January 2015
  • “Madeleine, you supported us greatly in a time of dire need, when we were drowning in sorrow, stress and confusion. You showed us the love which Christ speaks of. Please accept our deep, heartfelt, thankyou.”

    MG – March 2014
  • “Thank you for everything. Madeleine, you are an angel. You got us our children back.”

    RL – December 2013
  • Thankyou for all the support Madeleine. Words seem not enough. I will never forget you seeing the truth and understanding and being here for us.”

    MK – August 2014
  • “Everyone that works here is utterly awesome. There is never anything too hard for them to do. They all go above and beyond what is needed from them. I have been using Madeleine as my lawyer for a couple of years now through a lengthy and difficult case and she is fantastic. Her team is fantastic. They all do an amazing job.”

    TG – June 2015
  • “Thank you again for all of your support and work for us this year. Things are so incredibly different now; basically they are how we always wanted them to be – friendly, cooperative, balanced. We know that this would not have happened without going through this tough process and we are glad we did and that we had you.”

    AL – December 2015
  • “I have had experience with lawyers and I found Madeleine so efficient, clever and straight forward. She was awesome.”

    BT – April 2016